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El Departamento de Investigación y Desarrollo de Química Suiza Industrial Del Perú (QSI) creó el MANEJO FISIONUTRICIONAL (MFN) en el año 1996. MFN Permite obtener un balance nutricional y hormonal interno dentro de la planta, lo que permite maximizar su fisiología, permitiendo que la planta aproveche eficientemente los recursos disponibles (agua, luz, temperatura, nutrientes, etc), logrando de esta manera altos rendimientos y excelente calidad. Para el logro de éstos resultados contamos con una completa cartera de productos en las líneas de Nutrición y Bioestimulantes .

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Stimplex-G is a 100% natural extract of fresh algae Ascophyllum nodosum that contains no artificial additives. Stimplex-G contains natural cytokinins encapsulated in specific proteins (Glycosilicated Protohormones) that upon entering the plant is released by its natural regulation system, acting efficiently and within the plant. Stimplex-G can be mixed with most pesticides, improving its penetration and systemicity within the plant.

Agrostemin GL

Its use is physiologically self-regulated by the same plant. Penetrates any membrane or plant tissue (100% bioavailable). It improves the penetration and systemicity of the pesticides that are applied jointly increasing their effectiveness.


Enziprom® is a natural physiological Bioactivator containing AATC and Folic Acid, enriched with a high content of amino acids and vitamin B1, that stimulate the physiological activity and biochemical reserves of the plants. Enziprom® can be used in any state of the plant, especially in periods of high energy costs (active growth) and stress (high temperatures, water deficiency, pest attacks, viral diseases, frost, phototoxicity, hail, root asphyxia).


BROTONE is a natural sprouting stimulant, which has great stability, rapid absorption by leaves, branches and roots. Easy translocation in the plant, both ascending and descending.


Albamin is a natural enzyme bioregulator, which is composed of 16 perfectly balanced free amino acids, giving them a synergistic effect in all the physiological activities of the plant. Albamin contains 16 amino acids that are precursors of enzymes, which are involved in all physiological processes of the plant, such as: germination, transplantation, budding, flowering, setting and fruit filling.


ULTRACID possesses nutritional properties that by activating plant enzymes promote vegetative regeneration. It also possesses important property as a natural antioxidant for the harvested fruits. The substances that compose it are compatible with the environment and are harmless to man. It leaves no residue or generates toxicity for humans.

Ergostim XL

ERGOSTIM XL is a novel formulation of essential substances that improve the plant metabolism. It is formulated based on two derivatives of the amino acid L-cysteina. Applied to the crops according to the recommended doses and in the phase of plant development timely improves the yield and the quality of the crops. ERGOSTIM XL stimulates the normal and vital processes of plants, contributing to their better development, better supporting adverse periods and tending to increase the expression of their production potentials.

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